Sunday, November 19, 2006

Next offer: Beachfront property in Kansas

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District — the governmental entity that oversees, among other things, San Francisco's most recognizable landmark — is seeking corporate sponsors for the world-famous suspension span.

Why not? Everything else has a corporate sponsor these days.

I think that sponsoring the Golden Gate Bridge could be a marketing boon for any of several dozen major corporations. Wouldn't you just know... I have a few examples in mind.
  • McDonald's. Paint the bridge yellow, and it'll look like inverted golden arches.

  • Coors Light. Because nothing goes better with the Golden Gate than the Silver Bullet.

  • Poligrip. Who has more experience in supporting bridges?

  • 20th Century Fox. This might help reassure people who didn't realize X-Men: The Last Stand was fiction that Magneto did not, in fact, relocate the Golden Gate to Alcatraz.

  • The Republican Party. The way to counteract "San Francisco values" — whatever the heck that means — might be to plaster the GOP all over San Francisco's greatest symbol.

  • Starbucks. Grab an espresso or a latte as you pay your toll.

  • Disney. They built a replica at the California Adventure amusement park. Why not have the real thing?

  • Dell. Dude, you're getting a bridge.

  • Microsoft. Bill Gates already owns everything else.

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Anonymous Donna offered these pearls of wisdom...

I'm not incorporated, but do you think they'd accept me? You know about my passion for the Golden Gate Bridge, and that I've walked this glorius span of steel and cables from end to end. Where do I sign up for sponsorship?

2:39 PM  
Blogger SwanShadow offered these pearls of wisdom...

Donna: I like it. I can see the sign now:

"Welcome to the Golden Gate Bridge, brought to you by Donna. Cross anytime; there's never a Waite."

10:51 PM  

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