Monday, November 13, 2006

Linda Blair makes my head spin

Linda Blair, who first came to fame as Regan MacNeil, the bile-spewing, demon-possessed twelve-year-old in 1973's seminal horror film The Exorcist, is attempting to jump-start her dormant acting career. In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Blair revealed nine interesting facts about herself that most of her fans (all three of them) probably didn't know.

Of course, Blair's revelations spawned random thoughts in the fertile mind of yours truly. The first of which is: Why did the LA Times headline this article "Linda Blair's 10 Biggest Secrets" when there are only nine? (Then again, maybe that's the secret.)

1. Linda Blair believes in angry spirits and dog angels. If you're imagining angels in the form of dogs, Linda, you've been hitting the angry spirits a little too hard.

2. She has enjoyed acting more as an adult than she did as a kid. Let's see... Before she exited her teenage years, Blair was:
  • Possessed by the devil (The Exorcist; The Exorcist II)
  • Raped with a broom handle while in juvenile detention (Born Innocent)
  • Terminally ill aboard an airliner that crashed into another plane (Airport 1975)
  • Addicted to demon whiskey (Sarah T.: Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic)
  • Kidnapped and raped by an escaped mental patient (Sweet Hostage)
  • Terrorized by her cousin, who's a witch (Stranger in Our House).
Who wouldn't have enjoyed a childhood like that?

3. She'd rather do comedy than horror. Anyone who's seen any of Blair's films of the past 25 years can attest that the comedy in them is usually unintentional.

4. Despite her prominent role in "Roller Boogie" she no longer roller skates. But does she still boogie?

5. She went vegetarian in '88 and never looked back. Because tofu and mung bean sprouts are just so satisfying and tasty. Plus, Blair so clearly had a yen for split pea soup, even in her Exorcist days.

6. She begged out early on Halloween this year. Her revolving cranium was freaking out the trick-or-treaters.

7. She's only living in LA for the sake of the animals. Yeah, I've been in some of those LA neighborhoods, too.

8. She likes a simple breakfast in the mornings.
Nine-grain cereal, vanilla soy milk, and a vegan burrito? Aren't Krispy Kremes vegetarian?

9. A dog named Sunny changed her life. Mine too. But I promised Sunny that would remain our little secret.

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2 insisted on sticking two cents in:

Blogger Mr. Fabulous offered these pearls of wisdom...

A dog named Sunny changed her life. Mine too. But I promised Sunny that would remain our little secret.

Now the problem is, what I take away from that is that you had a three way with Linda Blair and a dog.

But in my defense, it's 4:30 in the morning, and I have not been to bed yet...

1:34 AM  
Blogger SwanShadow offered these pearls of wisdom...

Mr. Fab: A gentleman never tells.

8:29 AM  

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