Wednesday, June 15, 2005

No wonder they couldn't find him

This is the kind of delicious irony that can only happen in the hub of government in a free society...

Mark Felt, the former FBI deputy director who recently revealed himself to be infamous Watergate informant "Deep Throat," was in charge of the FBI's probes that attempted to identify Deep Throat.

Many years ago, the humor magazine Mad ran a feature designed to educate kids about the meanings of terms they might hear used on the evening news. This was the definition of "conflict of interest":
When you're appointed hall monitor to keep people from stealing stuff out of lockers, and you're the main one who's stealing stuff out of lockers.
I am now more convinced than ever that the United States government is not really being run from the White House, or the Capitol building.

It's being run from the offices of Mad.

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