Friday, June 10, 2005

Look, Ma, I'm in the paper!

Previously on SSTOL, I wrote about spending last Tuesday evening with a crew of fellow Jeopardy! veterans playing pub trivia at a popular Berkeley watering hole.

Jon Carroll, the eminent human interest columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, has written a delightfully entertaining column about our exploits for today's newspaper. Jon was kind enough to make mention of this fine blog, and even provide the address. (So if you're here because Jon sent you, welcome aboard. Try the veal, and be sure to tip your waitress.)

As I told Jon on Tuesday, his column has long been one of my favorite Chronicle reads, along with Tim Goodman, the Chron's TV critic. Jon occasionally does entire columns featuring mondegreens — misunderstood lyrics from familiar songs — that are nothing short of hilarious.

I still miss Herb Caen, though.

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Blogger Lynda offered these pearls of wisdom...

You are always popping up somewhere! Don't ya' love it??

9:38 PM  
Anonymous awittykitty offered these pearls of wisdom...

I really miss Herb Caen too. I grew up in Marin and used to read him even as a kid. When I moved in Oregon, my Dad would cut out his columns and send them. He also did that when I moved to New York. And then sadly he sent me the special edition when Herb passed away. I had my picture taken with Herb in the 1980's at Sonoma State U. I also used to like John Wasserman. I actually cried when he got killed in an accident. I was a fledgling movie critic and he was my idol.

6:40 PM  

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