Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson beats it (so to speak)

If you're expecting a lengthy dissertation on the unsurprising "not guilty" verdicts in the Michael Jackson molestation trial, you're looking in the wrong place, buckaroo. I stopped caring about this whole sordid business a long time ago.

No one looks good in this deal.
  • The Keystone Kops on the prosecution team failed to prove any aspect of their case, despite the least sympathetic defendant since Robert Blake. (Oh yeah, he got off too, didn't he?)
  • The accuser and his mother came off like the kind of moneygrubbing snivelers who don fake cervical collars and frequent the offices of shady personal injury lawyers (or is that redundant?) hoping for a quick score.
  • The King of Jesus Juice — I mean, Pop — is either a perverted freak, or the most seriously clueless human being on the face of the planet. But then, we knew that already.
So let it go already, people. Show's over.

Thank goodness.

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Can we focus on more important things now? Like Iraq?

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