Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"They think he's a righteous dude."

Here's a thought for your Fat Tuesday...

Do you know what someone should do? Someone should make a sequel to Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

I'll even get it started.

It's 20 years after Ferris's infamous day off. Ferris has settled into life as a prosperous marketing executive with a major Chicago-based corporation. One morning as he's on his way to work, he stops for a latte at a Starbucks in the ground floor of his office building. By cosmic coincidence, the customer in front of him in line is Sloane Peterson, his high school sweetheart, whom Ferris hasn't seen since they both went off to different colleges nearly two decades earlier.

Ferris and Sloane strike up a conversation over that fine Starbucks java, recapping the events of the past 20 years for one another. As they're talking, they see a homeless man standing outside the window, cadging change from passersby. Imagine their shock when they realize that the scruffy mendicant is their old chum Cameron, whose life has taken a hard left turn over the cliff of despair.

There's only one thing for Ferris to do: Take Cameron on another wild outing through the sights and sounds of Chicago, to help him regain his mojo.

The title: Ferris Bueller's Day Back.

Someone should make that movie.

And if someone makes it without giving me proper screen credit and a sizable renumeration, I will go to their home in the Hollywood hills and puncture their kneecaps with a power drill. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

While they're at it, someone should make a sequel to Bull Durham, too. But I'll save that pitch for another Mardi Gras.

Oh, and don't forget, kids...

For some of us, every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday.

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4 insisted on sticking two cents in:

Anonymous Scott offered these pearls of wisdom...

I'd totally go see that.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Donna offered these pearls of wisdom...

What a brilliant movie script! I'll go pop the popcorn!

4:06 PM  
Blogger Sam offered these pearls of wisdom...

I actually have had the same idea, but mine had Ferris meeting up with a classmate who was never in the original film, but a geek who got hip and wanted to be like Ferris, who had settled down in advertising and the two go out on a great Chicago adventure for the mojo.

Great minds do htink alike, don't they?

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous offered these pearls of wisdom...

I think that is a horrable idea. and it would ruin a great movie, meanwhile ur a dumbass for even putting so much thought into it.

10:47 AM  

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