Monday, November 27, 2006

Burning off the tryptophan

Now that the turkey carcass has been decimated, the dressing and candied yam residue has been scraped from the baking dishes, and the pantry is down to one solitary can of cranberry sauce...

...let's see what's now and exciting (or at the very least, space-filling) in the pop culture universe.
  • Teri Hatcher is sorry that she appeared as a Bond girl in 1997's 007 flick, Tomorrow Never Dies.

    Not as sorry as we Bond fans are, Teri.

  • Last night, 60 Minutes presented a story about a new drug that may erase unpleasant memories.

    This is news? I know several people whose entire memory of the 1970s has been pharmaceutically eliminated.

  • Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock are divorcing after four stormy months of marriage.

    Who said it wouldn't last?

  • A Bruce Lee memorial park is being built on the site of Lee's ancestral home outside Hong Kong.

    At last — one place in the world where no one will look at me funny when I start rattling off dialogue from Enter the Dragon. "Boards don't hit back."

  • Tawny Kitaen is facing drug charges after sheriff's deputies discovered cocaine during a search of her home.

    Is Tawny still raking in enough residuals from Bachelor Party and that infamous Whitesnake video that she can actually afford cocaine? And aside from rabid fans of Bachelor Party and Whitesnake, does anyone still remember who Tawny Kitaen is?

  • An automobile engineer at Jaguar based his concept design for the new XK coupe on Kate Winslet's figure.

    This just in: Hummer debuts the Roseanne Barr SUV.

  • Here's irony for you: H. Donald Wilson, the man who founded LexisNexis, the pioneering online database that brought the legal profession into the electronic age, died earlier this month of a heart attack...

    ...while sitting at his computer.

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