Wednesday, June 29, 2005

We like Ike

Congratulations to general manager Chris Mullin and the Golden State Warriors for picking up power forward Ike Diogu of Arizona State with the ninth selection of yesterday's NBA draft.

Though some people were surprised by Mullin's choice, I actually think this is a solid pick. At 6'8", Diogu's a little short for the number four position, but they said that about a guy named Charles Barkley too. Diogu is tough down low, has excellent moves in the post, and when he gets the ball he can shoot the lights out. He'll give the Warriors a much more confident offensive presence inside, because while the W-Men's starting PF Troy Murphy is a superlative rebounder, he doesn't exactly light up the scoreboard. Diogu is also an 80 percent free-throw shooter, which Mullin has to absolutely love.

Best of all, in an interview this morning on the Warriors' flagship, KNBR 68, Arizona State coach Rob Evans told morning hosts Brian Murphy and Tim Liotta that Diogu is as decent a person as he's ever coached. It's always a good thing when you can pick up a quality young man who also has serious hoop skills.

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I don't know if this matters much to you, but Diogu did slip because he measured in at barely 6'6".

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