Thursday, June 23, 2005

I never realized the "T" in "Tee Time" stood for "Tinkle"

From the "Don't You Wish You Had Invented This?" file:

The "Tee Time" bathroom golf kit, designed to allow the fairway freak in your life to practice his putting while exercising certain other vital functions.

(I was going to say "practice his short game," but that seemed inappropriate, somehow.)

And is it just me, or shouldn't the name of the product begin with a different letter of the alphabet?

We saw this crazy gizmo in the "As Seen on TV" store at the mall this evening, and nearly fell on the floor laughing. Before too long, we needed to look for a place to... umm... practice our putting.

The "Free 'Occupied' Sign!" is icing on the cake.

This is why I'm not a wealthy man today. I never think of stuff like this. Or if I do, I'd be too embarrassed to sell it in public.

To the shameless go the spoils. The rest of us just get the shaft.

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