Monday, June 27, 2005

Don't pie for me, San Diego

Yet another reason why the comics industry is in the dumper:

No free pie.

The good folks at Image Comics (or, as I like to call them, the egomaniacs who trashed a perfectly good entertainment medium) had announced some time back that they would be giving away free Home Run Pies (or, as I like to call them, diabetic-coma-inducing gut-bombs) at their booth at next month's mammoth Comic Con International in San Diego. Now, because of a run-in with the San Diego Convention Center, Image has called "no joy" on the whole pie situation.

According to Image artist and publisher Erik Larsen, the Convention Center demanded a $500 fee per day for the license to distribute food on-site, plus a hefty one-dollar tariff per pie. As junk food junkies up and down the West Coast know, Home Run Pies typically retail for 25 cents each.

"They wanted to charge us four times the retail price of these pies so that we could give them away. That's $6500 to give away the 4000 pies that we wanted to share with our fans," said Larsen, creator of the Savage Dragon series and not really an egomaniac like most of his former Image cohorts.

What's this world coming to, when geeky fanboys can't stuff their acne-encrusted, bespectacled faces with free Home Run Pies? It's un-American, I tell you.


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