Sunday, June 26, 2005

How Stella got her gaydar back

You remember How Stella Got Her Groove Back, right?

If you didn't read Terry (Waiting to Exhale) McMillan's best-selling book, you most likely saw the hit movie starring Angela Bassett, Taye Diggs, and Whoopi Goldberg. But for those of you who were absent the day we covered this in Pop Culture 426: The African American Autobiographical Chick Novel/Flick, here's the 411:

Stella, author McMillan's avatar, is a successful black woman in early middle age who, while vacationing in the Caribbean, "gets her groove back" (that is, restores her joie de vivre) by falling in love with a happy-go-lucky island gent who's young enough to be her... well... let's say her son's best friend. And they live happily ever after.

At least, in the book and movie they do. In the real world, not so much, apparently.

Turns out that McMillan's boytoy, Jonathan Plummer, would prefer to get his groove on with Steve, or Stan, or Stu, rather than Stella.

McMillan kicked the cabana boy to the curb when she discovered last December that little Jonny was swinging from the opposite side of the plate. They're now in the midst of a nasty divorce, in which McMillan accuses her erstwhile groove puppet of being a gold digger who married her only to acquire U.S. citizenship, while Plummer alleges that his superstar-scribe soon-to-be ex is a vicious homophobe. Ain't love grand?

I hate it when the facts ruin a great story.

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But this is an even more interesting twist of a tale. When's the movie coming out?

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