Saturday, June 04, 2005

And you mocked me when I nicknamed my daughter "Supergirl"

Penn Jillette of the comedy illusionist team Penn and Teller is the proud new papa of a baby girl, born yesterday to Penn's bride Emily.

The new arrival's official moniker is Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette.

Basically, the kid's named after a soft drink, a comic book character, and a brand of razor blades. Dangerous combination, this.

Congratulations to the Jillettes. Look sharp. Feel sharp. Be sharp.

Incidentally, if you're ever in Vegas with a Benjamin in your pocket and a couple of hours to spare, cruise on over to the Rio All-Suites Hotel and check out Penn and Teller's show. Great fun — though not recommended if you're easily offended (in which case, maybe you need to get over yourself) — and excellent entertainment value for the price despite the imposing tariff. Get there early, and you can enjoy the upright bass stylings of Mr. Jillette as part of the preshow ambience. After the performance, Penn and Teller sign autographs and pose for pix with fans. A fine time is had by all.

If your middle name is CrimeFighter, they might knock a few bucks off the ticket price. Maybe.

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Anonymous Tom Galloway offered these pearls of wisdom...

Given that Kevin Smith named his daughter Harley Quinn Smith, I have hopes that the two little girls will one day become arch-enemies.

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Blogger Joel offered these pearls of wisdom...


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