Thursday, December 09, 2004

What's Up With That? #10: I'll take Law & Order characters for $1000, please, Alex

Law & Order executive producer Dick Wolf must have a superfine babe named Alexandra in his past.

NBC announced this week that Annie Parisse, who next month replaces Elisabeth Röhm's Serena Southerlyn as the show's junior assistant district attorney, will be playing a character named Alexandra Borgia.

For those of you not keeping score, Parisse's role will be the third female character named Alexandra in the L&O franchise. Stephanie March, also known as the girlfriend of Iron Chef Bobby Flay, played an ADA named Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for several seasons before departing the show last year. On Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Kathryn Erbe plays a police detective named Alexandra Eames.

Now we have Alexandra Borgia.

For the love of mercy, someone please buy Dick Wolf a book of baby names for Christmas. Preferably, one with the "A" chapter discreetly excised.


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