Friday, December 03, 2004

Cabinet hemorrhage continues; film at eleven

Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson stunned America today when he became the eighth member of the Bush 43 cabinet not to re-up for W, The Sequel.

Stunned, because the overwhelming majority of Americans had no idea we even had such a thing as a Health and Human Services Secretary. Or that his name is Tommy Thompson. Or that two parents named Thompson could be so linguistically challenged that the only name they could think of to give their son was "Tommy."

And what are "Human Services," anyway? Are not all the services the federal government provides for the benefit of humans? Or are there services our government is rendering to non-humans? Is there some top-secret department of Alien Services hidden away in the bowels of Washington, where men in black suits, skinny ties, and Wayfarers toil away to make our nation safe for interstellar visitors? Or was I just imagining that, before some little flashy thing robbed me of my short-term memory?

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