Wednesday, December 08, 2004

"Hello, Mr. Braithwaite. Have some tea."

It only comes out at Yuletide, but at our house, it's one of the most eagerly anticipated arrivals of the season.

Along about this time every year, the fine folks at Celestial Seasonings roll out a fragrant concoction they call Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Tea. It's a rich black tea, redolent with vanilla and cinnamon. The aroma alone makes sugarplums dance in one's head. It's KJ's favorite, and even I, a dedicated Earl Grey man, have become rather partial to it. Sharing a steaming pot with someone special elicits all manner of holiday cheer, even from an anti-holiday curmudgeon such as myself.

And it makes a terrific stocking stuffer.

If you like tea, or Christmas, or both, grab a box of this stuff and brew yourself a dose. You'll be ready to carve the goose at Bob Cratchit's in no time flat.

Speaking of tea, I need to get my periodic fix of Enter the Dragon sometime soon, lest I forget all the marvelously bad dialogue I've memorized.

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don't think. feeeeeeeel.

it is like a finger, pointing away to the moon. don't concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory.

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