Friday, December 03, 2004

Shameless plug: Las Vegas Advisor

If you travel to Las Vegas — or think you might someday, in hope that you'll either break the bank at the Monte Carlo or maybe just get spotted by your friends in an exterior crowd scene on CSI — you should subscribe to the Las Vegas Advisor, Anthony Curtis's monthly publication delivering the latest and greatest news, travel tips, and gambling advice (my advice: don't) from the Neon Metropolis. LVA is available in print format, or you can subscribe to the online version, which I prefer. The information in LVA is always up-to-the-minute current, and often available nowhere else. LVA also offers scads of discount coupons and special deals for subscribers only.

(And no, before you ask, I'm not in any way affiliated with LVA, other than as a subscriber. So if you decide to sign up, I don't get a commission. You can rectify this injustice, however, by sending me money via PayPal, care of SSTOL.)

LVA has a weekly e-newsletter called Advisor Lite that you can sign up for at their site. Usually it drops on Fridays, packed with short blurbs about current Vegas goings-on. Especially valuable to those of us on budgets, Advisor Lite is a terrific source for updated price info. They'll often alert you that tickets to a certain show or the lunch prices at a given buffet have gone up long before the casino gets around to updating their own Web site.

All of this to lead into a funny item in today's Advisor Lite. The Westward Ho, the casino next door to Circus Circus on the north Strip, is debuting a new casino annex on Industrial Road. The Advisor's headline on this story:

"New Ho Opens."

Well, I thought it was funny.

Incidentally, friends often ask KJ and me why we enjoy Vegas so much when we neither gamble nor drink, which are two of the main activities people go to Vegas to indulge. It's atmosphere, really. We love to see the sights — I'm a big fan of bright lights and outlandish, kitschy architecture, with which Vegas is rife — and to people-watch, and we enjoy the shows (especially the comedy clubs) and the gaudy shops in the big hotels. We always have to pay our own way, because only gamblers — and fairly spendthrifty gamblers at that — get comped, but we've found that we can have more fun on an "extended date" in Vegas, and for relatively less money, than almost anywhere we've traveled.

Guess where we're going for our 20th anniversary, coming soon?

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Blogger Dymonds offered these pearls of wisdom...

I see you love Vegas the way I do.. I have only been there once. I enjoyed it very much. Once getting all my bills paid off I plan on going once every two years.

4:10 PM  
Blogger SwanShadow offered these pearls of wisdom...

Thanks for dropping by, Dymonds. (Are you really a girl's best friend?)

Our upcoming Vegas trip will be our first since my wife's cancer treatment four years ago. We're going to cover Neonopolis like a stadium tarp, and have a blast doing it.

12:43 AM  

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