Sunday, February 25, 2007

The best part of waking up is cat poop in your cup

Here's the sort of thing that gets reported on CBS Radio on a slow news day in late winter...

The most expensive coffee in the world is Kopi Luwak, also known as civet coffee, from certain remote regions of southeast Asia. Kopi Luwak is ground from coffee beans that have been swallowed, then partially digested by a vaguely feline creature known as the palm civet.

In short, Kopi Luwak is cat poop coffee.

You know I love my coffee, but there's no way I'm drinking this.

Roasted Kopi Luwak coffee beans sell for between $120 and $160 per pound from an online outfit called Animal Coffee. For the truly adventurous, Animal Coffee sells "completely unprocessed natural Kopi Luwak" — in other words, with the beans still embedded in palm civet feces, "exactly as found when hand-collected in the jungles of Sumatra." Oh, joy.

And here I thought my grandmother's chitlins were disgusting.

Incidentally, the palm civet is the animal best known — aside from its coffee-excreting habit — as the original source of the SARS virus that caused so much panic a few years ago. Just in case it wasn't bad enough that people were brewing their morning cup o' joe from chunkies that came out of the darn thing's butt.

What I'm curious to know is, who's buying this coffee? Future Fear Factor contestants with money to burn? Apparently, one possible answer is the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which, according to the Animal Coffee site, included Kopi Luwak as one of the freebies in the swag bags given to nominees and presenters at last year's Emmy Awards.

I wonder whether anyone told the TV stars where their coffee came from.

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Blogger Tom offered these pearls of wisdom...

The really amazing thing is that these guys have been around for over a decade now. They won the 1995 Ig Nobel Award in the Nutrition category.

2:10 AM  
Blogger swag offered these pearls of wisdom...

Buddy -- this story is older than MacGuyver.

Not that I've ever drank the stuff, but those of us who live out of cellophane-and-styrofoam have no idea that our entire food chain is essentially built upon crap and the maggots that eat it.

So the next time you consume anything, I suggest you keep those hands over your eyes and ears!

5:50 PM  
Blogger SwanShadow offered these pearls of wisdom...

Tom: I can't believe that this is the first I've heard about this. Although, as I said, I'm not arriving late to the party alone: I heard about this on CBS News just yesterday.

Swag: Some days, you eat the worm; some days, the worm eats you.

5:58 PM  

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