Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mighty Morphin Power Stevie

Our SSTOL Hero of the Day salute goes out to four-year-old Stevie Long of Durham, North Carolina.

When two gun-toting robbers forced their way into the apartment occupied by Stevie, his mother Jennifer, and his five-year-old sister Mary, Stevie sprang into action. Dashing into his bedroom, the diminutive dynamo donned his Red Power Ranger costume, armed himself with a wicked-looking plastic sword, and charged into battle to thwart the evildoers. Stricken with terror, the cowardly criminals fled before Stevie's surprise assault, escaping with the contents of Jennifer's purse.

Stevie remains fully convinced that his awesome superpowers helped him save the day. "He fully believes he morphed," says Stevie's aunt, Heather Evans.

Whether Stevie actually transformed himself into a fearsome defender of justice, I really can't say. But trust me when I tell you:
  1. You do not want to mess with the Red Power Ranger, ever.
  2. You do not want to attend the next local chapter meeting of the Thieves' Guild and have all your fellow bandits find out that you got your sorry butt handed to you by a four-year-old kid wearing a Power Ranger costume and swinging a plastic sword. You do not.
  3. Clearly, the Red Power Ranger favors the pro-registration position in the Superhero Civil War, as he apparently has no qualms about unmasking in public.
  4. This effectively ends any attempt on the part of Stevie's mom to throw his comic books away.
And that, friend reader, is no Durham bull.

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Blogger MCF offered these pearls of wisdom...

That's an AWESOME story. Most kids(hi) dreamed of being a hero and thwarting robbers, and most of us never got the opportunity. Thank God the thief was a chicken or this could have been a darker tale. Go go power ranger.

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