Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Art of Getting Name-Checked

Today, it is my signal honor to serve as the featured guest poster at one of my favorite blogs: The Art of Getting By.

TAoGB is the online domain of a charming young woman named Janet, a New Jersey grade-school teacher with a flair for insightful prose, an often unconventional perspective on her chosen profession, wisdom belying her tender years, and generally excellent taste in music, television, and film. (Except for that whole New Kids on the Block thing. But no one's perfect.)

Janet's weekly in-house meme, "Tell It to Me Tuesday," invites readers to wax eloquent on a topic of Janet's choosing. She follows with her own commentary on the subject in an extended weekend post. The best of TAoGB, though, is simply Janet being Janet, nattering in her cogent, clever way about life, education, pop culture, and everything.

My schedule being as hectic as it often is, I don't always get around to every stop on my blogroll every day. But I never miss my daily lesson in The Art of Getting By. Neither should you, bunkie.

Go take a seat at the head of the class, sit up straight, and brightly say, "Good morning, Miss Janet." Take an apple for the teacher, if you're so inclined. And tell her your Uncle Swan said that you deserve extra credit.

Maybe she'll let you clap the erasers.


4 insisted on sticking two cents in:

Blogger Mr. Fabulous offered these pearls of wisdom...

I never understood why clapping the erasers was something that was utilized as a reward.

To this day the question haunts me.

4:25 PM  
Blogger mojo shivers offered these pearls of wisdom...

I've been a big fan of The Art of Getting By since I first found it. It's nice to see how her other fans live as well.

1:04 AM  
Blogger Janet offered these pearls of wisdom...

Your tribute post puts my introduction to shame. I am flattered and embarrassed at the same time. Only Swan Shadow has the power to do that.

2:45 AM  
Blogger Janet offered these pearls of wisdom...

BTW, did you know who Adrienne Shelly was? I just found out today she died from an apparent suicide. Given your penchant for writing thoughtful obits, I thought if anybody would know about it, it would be you.

1:48 PM  

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