Monday, October 30, 2006

Getting your Phil at

I just caught the new commercial for the Internet dating service

Here's the setup: A waitress at a sidewalk café daydreams that a parade of eligible bachelors is marching down the street in front of her. When she snaps out of her reverie, she's actually pouring coffee all over her customer, who just happens to be Dr. Phil. The good doc tells Princess Head-in-Clouds that she's got every quality a man should want — looks, personality, brains. All she needs now is — you guessed it — a little guidance from

A few problems here:
  1. If you've ever seen Dr. Phil's show — you might as well admit you have — you know Dr. Phil isn't the kind of guy who would lightly blow off getting hot coffee dumped in his lap. He'd be all up in that waitress's face about her lousy relationship with her father, or something.

  2. Dr. Phil's reassurance of his would-be dating queen rings hollow. Maybe you do have looks, personality, and IQ. But you're a waitress at a café. That's one step up the economic chain from slinging fries at Mickey D's. You're working for minimum wage and tips, while you're hoping to score with a captain of industry or a neurosurgeon. Time for a reality check, sweet cheeks. Try hitting the books for that GED and a real career, then we'll talk.

  3. The punch line of Dr. Phil's pitch amounts to the most ludicrous guarantee in the history of marketing: If doesn't find your Mr. or Ms. Right in six months, you get six months of service free. Let me see if I understand this correctly. will hook you up with one loser after another for half a year, and the consolation prize is another six months of dates with the losers they send you. What kind of freakazoid restitution is that?

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Blogger Valerie - Riding Solo offered these pearls of wisdom...

I'm with you on this one, the site is a joke.

While I would guess none of us sees themselves as a loser some of the men that winked at me there are downright scary. I'm off it!

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