Thursday, October 19, 2006

For the sports fan who has... I mean... had everything

I've heard of fans bleeding Dodger blue...

...but this may be a little extreme.

A company called Eternal Image has signed a contract with Major League Baseball to license caskets and cremation urns bearing the regalia of any of six MLB clubs: the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, the Detroit Tigers, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Chicago Cubs, and yes, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Each urn or casket comes emblazoned with the selected team's logo and colors, along with the inscription: "Major League Baseball officially recognizes [YOUR NAME HERE] as a lifelong fan of [FAVORITE TEAM]."

Eternal Image plans to expand its offerings to all 30 MLB teams in the near future. The company also hopes to land similar deals with the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR.

It seems especially fitting that the Cubs would be one of the first teams selected for this venture. Now, the Bleacher Bums can eagerly anticipate one day being as dead as the Cubbies' World Series dreams.

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Blogger Mr. Fabulous offered these pearls of wisdom...

Boy, as much of a REd Sox fan as I am...I can't see doing this...

5:13 PM  
Blogger Joel offered these pearls of wisdom...


8:43 PM  
Anonymous Sheryl offered these pearls of wisdom...

Um, that's just scary. And wrong. And by the way did you know I used to live in Rohnert Park?

9:00 PM  

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