Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dimbulb of the Week, Golf Edition

So Greg "The Great White Shark" Norman, the one-time Australian golf superstar now best known for having a daughter who once dated Sergio Garcia, thinks Tiger Woods is bad for the sport.

According to Norman, Woods's dominance is taking the excitement out of golf, and is a factor in why fewer people are tuning in to televised tournaments. Quoth the Shark:
You never hear anyone coming out and saying, 'I want to beat Tiger Woods' — I haven't heard that.
Yeah, Tiger's ruining the game, Greg. Just like that Jordan guy nearly ruined the NBA — and with it, the athletic footwear industry — a few years back. Or like Gretzky ruined hockey.

If we want to talk about a guy making golf look bad, perhaps we should discuss, say, the 1996 Masters.

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