Thursday, April 28, 2005


First Barry Bonds, now this:

The Giants' new bullpen stopper, Armando Benitez, is probably out for the rest of the season after tearing his right hamstring in the last play of Tuesday's game. He'll undergo surgery next week.

Losing Benitez will hurt the G-Men in the long run even more than the ongoing absence of their injured superstar slugger. The Giants' starting rotation is composed of the type of pitchers who need a lot of strong relief help in order to be successful, especially Kirk Rueter, who's pretty much useless after five innings. Without a big-time door-slammer in the eighth and ninth innings, San Francisco will lose a lot of ball games late. And that's a shame.

Hopefully Benitez won't turn into the second coming of Robb Nen, the Giants' last top-ranked closer, who pocketed $18 million over the past two seasons without ever being physically able to throw a pitch.

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