Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Line discovers why action star's last name is Snipes

Wesley Snipes is suing New Line Pictures because his last film, Blade: Trinity, sucked swamp water.

The Wes-Man apparently didn't like the script, didn't like the director, and didn't like sharing the screen with pretty young faces like Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds. I also understand that he was disappointed that, despite the film's title, neither Carrie-Anne Moss nor Terence Hill appeared in it.

No one is a bigger backer of Big Wes's film career than your Uncle Swan, but...

Dude, get a grip.

Nobody shoved bamboo slivers under your fingernails and made you sign on for another Blade movie. (I haven't seen Trinity, but the first two films in the series were solid.) Nobody held a Glock to your skull until you agreed to collect $13 million (though Snipes is claiming he never received all of his pay from New Line). Nobody made you appear in direct-to-video dreck like Futuresport and Unstoppable.

But I digress.

This isn't even the first film Snipes made with writer-director David S. Goyer, the ex-comic book scribe who plotted all three Blade flicks, as well as one of my favorite films of the past decade, Dark City. Two years earlier, Snipes starred in ZigZag, also directed by Goyer. If he thought the guy was imcompetent, why agree to do another movie with him at the helm?

Personally, I'd like to see the Wes-Man make a sequel to my favorite of his films, Passenger 57. (Or, as it's sometimes known, Die Hard on an Airplane.)

Always bet on black.

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Blogger ADAMANT offered these pearls of wisdom...

Totally unrelated to you post I'm afraid, but I just read your comment at Janets about Pope George Ringo I. I am still laughing! Just had to come by and check out your blog.

4:58 AM  
Blogger Joel offered these pearls of wisdom...

I bet one of Mr. Snipes' ex's wanted more money....

9:21 AM  

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