Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What's Up With That? #18: Intolerance in the most unexpected places

Two unrelated stories that struck me as similarly ironic:

Irony Number One: A gay bar in San Francisco has been charged with racial discrimination by the City's Human Rights Commission. The owner of the Badlands bar, apparently unaware that Jim Crow died a while back, referred to African Americans as "non-Badlands customers" and instituted admission policies designed to deny blacks entrance to the popular nightspot.

Discrimination? In a gay bar? Who'da thunk?

I guess at the Badlands, the rainbow connection only comes in shades of white.

Irony Number Two: Apple Computer yanked all books published by John Wiley and Sons from the shelves of its company-owned stores, because Wiley showed the temerity to publish an unauthorized biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

This, from the company whose billboards trumpet its maverick independence, and whose motto is "Think Different"? Not if "different" means "different from Apple corporate propaganda," it seems.

I hear the next iteration of the Macintosh OS is being codenamed "Fahrenheit 451."

All of which goes to show you:

It's one thing to talk the talk, and entirely another to walk the walk.


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