Thursday, February 24, 2005

Workin' it like His Samness

We don't often do the meme thing here at SSTOL. In fact, I believe we've done all of one meme in the august history of this blog. But if it gets a few people over to In Honor of Sam Johnson to learn about, and hopefully donate a few bucks to, Sam's effort to raise funds for his upcoming kidney transplant, I'm down with it, because Sam is one of the good guys.

Therefore, without further ado, here is the SSTOL response to Sam Johnson's Meme.

What's your favorite kind of cookie? White chocolate macadamia. Preferably warm from the oven at the local Mrs. Fields. Debra's Specials (kind of an oatmeal-raisin affair) are pretty tasty too. I haven't had either in eons, but I'm hankering for them as I type.

Who is America's most overrated actor? I can't believe critics are actually considering Adam Sandler an actor these days, but there you go. Jim Carrey is hot on his heels. (Speaking of Jim Carrey, who on earth is paying their hard-earned simoleons to see Son of the Mask? This is a Jim Carrey movie so awful Jim Carrey wouldn't even appear in it. Send the nine dollars to Sam Johnson's kidney fund instead.)

Name a guilty pleasure. Watching Cheaters on Saturday nights. It's train-wreck television. If the show runs long enough, every couple in every low-rent apartment complex in the Dallas metropolitan area will be on it.

Scrubs or Everybody Loves Raymond? Neither. I haven't watched sitcoms since The Cosby Show was in its heyday. But every time I see a commercial for Everybody Loves Raymond, I chuckle at the thought that I have on my bookshelf a copy of Danny Peary's book Cult Movie Stars which states that Peter Boyle died in 1990. He looks just fine in the ads.

Name two things you can't live without. DSL and a cappella music.

Using your first pet's name and your mother's maiden name, come up with your porn star name. Mandy Todd, which isn't all that porn star-ish, really. My dogs have always had rather prosaic names. Right, Abby?

What song are you listening to right now? At the moment, I'm listening to Iron Chef. Does the theme from Backdraft count?

Name your celebrity crush. Diane Lane. But I haven't entirely given up on Martha Quinn.

Favorite punchline from a joke. "It's the butcher!" (You Welcome Back, Kotter fans will recall the joke.)

Who do you want to pass this meme off to? Anyone and everyone who'll help Sam get his kidney. And that's the truth, Ruth.

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