Thursday, February 17, 2005

From the clippings file

I've been meaning to post this for a couple of days, but my desk has simply been a disaster this week. (Hence also the relative paucity of new SSTOL posts.)

Here's the writeup on my Jeopardy! Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round One game from over at Steve Beverly's You'll see a couple of common errors — the writer identifies me by the inappropriate title of "Reverend" (God is reverend; I'm just a guy who works for Him), refers to my "pastoring" the church (we have pastors, or elders, but I'm not one of them — "minister," "evangelist," or "preacher" would be an accurate descriptive noun for the service I perform), and makes a joke about tithing (we don't, in the sense that word is properly used). But almost everyone makes those mistakes. He does refer to me as "affable," which I don't believe anyone has ever accused me of being, so I suppose that's a make-good.

If you're into game shows, Steve's site is an outstanding one-stop compendium of the latest and greatest from every program in the genre. His daily coverage of the UTOC is de rigueur for any J! fan who's following the tournament. I especially like the UTOC statistical analysis that's updated daily after every game...mostly because, right now, I'm mentioned on it three times (highest final score, highest score after Double Jeopardy!, largest winning margin). Of course, I wouldn't expect any of those marks to hold up for the entire first round. A truckload of awesome J! talent has yet to play.

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