Monday, February 21, 2005

Now we know what the "W" stands for

Oh, sure, it's just my immaturity showing. But the thing I like most about the story in which then-Texas Governor Bush revealed to an author in a taped interview that he'd smoked marijuana?

The author's name is Doug Wead.

As for the allegations themselves...look, we already know George W. used to be a heavy drinker in his boyhood days, and we're pretty sure (bolstered by his own comments on the aforementioned tapes) that he at least dabbled in cocaine. It should therefore come as a shock to absolutely no one that he might have blazed up a little doobage now and then. But come on, that was a lifetime ago. I wouldn't be eager to publicly air everything I did when I was young and stupid (okay, stupider, you wisenheimer), either.

I'm a lot more concerned with what the Prez was smoking two years ago when he ordered the invasion of Iraq.

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