Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol is dead, and I'm feeling a little Taylor Hicks myself

In case you're wondering when SSTOL's traditional breakdown of the year's American Idol contestants is coming...

...don't hold your breath.

Seriously, this year's Idol class is far and away the weakest in the show's history. That's saying a lot for a series that has foisted such dubious talents as Kevin "Chicken Little" Covais, Carmen "Can't Buy a Tune" Rasmusen, Kellie "Dumb as Two Bags of Silicone" Pickler, and the infamous Sanjaya "Fauxhawk" Malakar on the American public.

Not only is there not a single performer (and I'm using that word loosely) in the AI '09 field whose CD I'd want to hear — never mind buy — but there isn't even one about whom I care enough to write an entire paragraph.

So I'm not gonna.

You're on your own, America.

SwanShadow... out!

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Anonymous Scott offered these pearls of wisdom...

Ain't that the truth. The only entire season I've watched was the one Hicks won. The little of seen of this one has been CRAP.

7:44 AM  
Blogger MetropolisQuartet offered these pearls of wisdom...

Okay, let's be fair - even with thousands of auditionees (taking into account how many rotten apples they went through to find some with only a few bruises), not every season is going to have great talent that is willing to go the distance with this program.

Last season would be, I expect, almost impossible to live up to - they had a whole bunch of truly talented folk who would sign every contract.

Prior to that, we mostly watched the performers "come into their own" over the course of the season or misstep so drastically they weren't to be seen again. Part of the drama I could personally do without, but the nation is a bunch of rubberneckers, so whaddayagonnado?

Last year, the fact that an A Cappella group singer made it past Hollywood Week kept my interest and David Archuleta (sorry, Mr. Cook, it is a singing competition, after all) held it all season long. That kid can freakin' sing almost anything!

At the moment, I'm really rooting for Anoop Desai to show us his true level of talent. I have a feeling he's going to break out and actually become less and less awkward.

That said, I'd have to say that if Lil Rounds gets her head out of the clouds and does what she does best, I'd buy that album. Again, a real singer when she's not being "shoehorned".

For that matter, I tend to like MISTER Awkward's (Danny Gokey) voice and Mr. Pretentious's (Adam Lambert) sense of style (though, not his screaming). If only we could combine the two somehow, we'd probably have a champ.

I'm personally disappointed that Jasmine Murray is not with us but we're still stuck with Megan Joy (how the heck does "quirky" overcome poor singing, exactly? And is it just me or does her name sounds like a candy bar?).

But if it remains a SINGING competition, it should come down to Lil, Allison Iraheta and (hopefully) Anoop, who've shown the most chops thus far, but haven't really received much of the attention I feel they deserve. Let alone any discernable, solid guidance.

Of course, if I'm wishing, then Paula can come sit next to me during the show and I don't have to listen to her trying too hard at the Judges' table or watch Simon harrass her all night (okay, yeah, she brings a bit of that on, but she was never training to be a talent judge or an off-the-cuff public speaker, was she? She's a cheerleader/choreographer that got a great break in the music biz and made the most of it - whaddya want from her???). She can just be her pleasant, personable self, sippin' a margarita with me and my girls(seriously, I've seen her be normal - she's a talent that's been put in a position that doesn't utilize her real abilities properly).

I think Kara has the right attitude and judgement to balance the panel and, while Paula is better off this season having such a good girlfriend up there with her, it doesn't make her appear any more coherent. Plus the papers are always trying to drum up drama where there is none.

So, yeah, some of the talent isn't as great as we've seen in past seasons. Then again, America just might filter out one that will BECOME great, which was what made us watch Justin & Kelly the first year, wasn't it?


9:21 AM  

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