Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Road Warrior needs a designated driver

Here's the good news about Mel Gibson's drunken run-in with Malibu Five-O: At least he apologized.

Here's the bad news: He needed to apologize. And he didn't really apologize enough.

The main reason Gibson's DUI is big news isn't that he was driving while intoxicated — hasn't everyone in show business? — or that he unleashed a barrage of profane, anti-Semitic vitriol on the arresting officer — it's been pretty well documented that Mel's views on Jewish folk are about as warm and fuzzy as the sentiments of the late George Wallace (the Alabama governor, not the comedian) toward people of color. (Let's just say Mel's favorite book of the Bible is probably Ezra... as in Pound.)

No, the big deal with Mel is that he expends so much time and energy on his holier-than-Hollywood attitude that his inevitable indiscretions appear all the more egregious.

Welcome to the banquet table of humanity, Mel. Enjoy your heaping helping of crow, followed by a thick, tasty slice of humble pie.

But don't worry... they're kosher.


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