Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm too sexy for this list

Apparently disproving the shopworn notion that everyone's attractive to someone, the Boston Phoenix independent newspaper has proclaimed comedian Gilbert Goffried, he of the perpetual squint and sandpaper voice, as the world's unsexiest man.

Others honored (if that's the right word) in the Phoenix's bottom five of masculine pulchritude include baseball pitcher Randy "The Big Unit" Johnson, film critic Roger Ebert, television shrink Dr. Phil McGraw, and news-talk maven Alan Colmes.

The Phoenix list goes all the way to 100. Therefore, there's plenty of room for such gentlemen of obviously questionable attraction as Wallace Shawn (#12), Carrot Top (#16), Rush Limbaugh (#42), Andy Dick (#47), and Ralph Nader (#94). Brad Pitt makes the list at #100, thanks to his allegedly poor personal hygiene.

I'm just grateful they missed me.

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Anonymous Donna offered these pearls of wisdom...

I find it odd that Dr. Phil McGraw made this list. I understand why Andy Dick and Gilbert Goffried made the list, but honestly, why Dr. Phil? I actually think he's a very sexy man. There's something about his eyes. And I always love a man with a mustache!

I knew you were too sexy to make this list, Uncle Swan!

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