Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ned bleeds Dodger blue

As much as I hate to see anything positive happen to the Los Angeles Dodgers, I must admit — grudgingly — that the Demons in Blue made an excellent move in hiring San Francisco Giants assistant general manager Ned Colletti as their new GM.

Colletti has been an essential cog in the Giants' operational machine for more than a decade. Primarily responsible for negotiating player contracts, Colletti's contributions to San Francisco's successes during that time are incalculable. His savvy with the numbers and deft ability to work creative deals have enabled the Giants, more often than not, to acquire and retain needed on-the-field talent at a price the team's fiscally conservative ownership would approve.

It will be interesting to see what tricks in player assessment Colletti has learned in his years working with Giants GM Brian Sabean, a master at the art. But anyone who has heard Colletti interviewed on the Giants' flagship radio station KNBR 680 knows that Ned's one sharp cookie. He'll do a terrific job for the Dodgers.

Darn him, anyway.

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