Monday, April 04, 2005

What's Up With That? #17: Spring forward, my sweet aunt

I love daylight.

I hate the start of Daylight Saving (no "s" at the end — look it up) Time.

Why do we call it "springing forward" when its functional effect is to make us feel less springy, inasmuch as our circadian rhythms are kicked into a cocked hat and we're robbed of an hour of sleep, to boot? We should call this end of the process "falling back," because that's what I feel like doing the first few mornings of April madness.

Conversely, when we gain back an hour of blessed rest in the autumn, that should be called "springing forward."

It's high time we disposed of this clock-altering foolishness and simply left the "more usable daylight" schedule in place year-round.

Now back to the kitchen for the extra jolt of coffee I'll need to get motivated today. Thanks a lot, Congress.


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Blogger Janet offered these pearls of wisdom...

I don't know. I mean in the end I think there's more of a "spring" in my step from that extra few hours of sunlight.:)

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