Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Welcome to Massacre High

I'm not sure what to think about the school board in Flagler County, Florida that decided to name the new local venue for secondary education Matanzas High School.

"Matanzas" means "massacre" or "slaughter" in Spanish.

Some parents apparently thought that in this age of Columbine and Red Lake, naming a school "Massacre High" might send the wrong message. The converse view held that Matanzas is a well-established name in the region's history (a band of French Huguenots were massacred there in 1565, and the local waterway is named the Matanzas River in honor — if that's the word — of this event).

What isn't being widely reported is that the Flagler County school board rejected the following names in favor of Matanzas High: Bloodbath High, Crimson Sands High, and Buncha Dead French Guys High.

In other news, the board of education in Little Big Horn, Montana has unanimously voted to christen their new school Take That, Custer! High.

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I'm sorry, maybe we should call it the north flagler tulips? I am so angry to hear this crap. IT IS HISTORY!!!!! You can't change the past. The massacre that happened in northern palm coast REALLY HAPPENED!!!! I am going to protest the naming of St.Augustine high school, because it is named after a saint, and i am not religious. What is this world comming too. Oh and by the way the school colors are going to be: black, blue, and red, oh my gosh, red, that could represent blood coudn't it? You people make me sick.

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