Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Coming and going in TV Land

Coming: WWE Raw, back to USA Network where it polluted the airwaves for seven years before moving to the CSI Channel...I mean...Spike TV, formerly TNN (which stood for The Nashville Network, then The National Network, and mostly The Network Nobodywatches, until they started running reruns of Gil Grissom and company ad infinitum).

Does anyone still watch professional wrestling? And do they live anywhere near me?

Going: JAG, the long-running Navy courtroom series (or, as it's known at our house, "You Can't Handle Catherine Bell!"), is finally being given the old anchors aweigh by CBS after ten years.

Did anyone really watch this tepid excuse for television drama for an entire decade? And would civilization be any the worse had the Eyeball Network stuck to its original plan, and canceled the darn thing after its first season on the air?

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Blogger Janet offered these pearls of wisdom...

I watch a lot of tv. That being said, you probably touched upon 2 shows I don't care much about either way.:(

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