Thursday, April 14, 2005

Today's nominee for the Frank Abagnale Award

The Queens County District Attorney's office in New York nailed a guy who for years has been covering professional sporting events on team-issued press credentials.

Only problem: He's not really a reporter.

Apparently, Mark Sabia invented a fictional media outlet — Westchester Cable Services — applied to the various New York sports teams for a press pass, and got one. Since at least 1998, he's been prowling the locker rooms at Yankee and Shea Stadiums, Madison Square Gardens and the Meadowlands with the reporters who follow the New York teams, holding a microphone and interviewing the players right alongside the legitimate journalists (not to mention watching all the games gratis), even though he doesn't actually work for a media company.

I'm not sure whether to be appalled by Sabia's hubris, grudgingly admiring of his moxie, or sympathetic for all of the really lousy Mets, Knicks, and football Giants games he's endured over the past several years.

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