Thursday, April 14, 2005

Happy birthday, DL!

DL, the mother of my "adoptive niece" and one of my longest-standing (I neatly sidestepped the word "oldest," didn't I?) friends in all the world — my only friend remaining from those long-distant high school days — celebrates her (muffled) birthday today.

She lives in Maine and I in California, so a hug is out of the question. But I think DL knows how precious her friendship is to me, and how very much I appreciate her stalwart goodness after all these years. And if she didn't before, she does now.

SSTOL readers owe DL a minimal debt also. As the editor of our high school newspaper, she was one of the people most instrumental in encouraging me to find my voice as a writer. The satirical column I wrote under her direction was some of my first publicly revealed work, and she had courage enough to stick by and defend me even when I stepped on toes occasionally. Some things, one doesn't forget.

So, happy B-day, kid. Your almost-prom-date wishes you a joyous day and many blessings in the coming year.

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