Sunday, January 09, 2005

Welcome back, Jack

It's a new season of 24, and I'm a happy guy.

So far, Day Four looks pretty tasty. I wish I could say the same for Jack Bauer's anorexic-looking new girlfriend, played by Kim Raver, formerly of Third Watch. The structure of the show doesn't give Jack much opportunity for a love life, but if the producers feel it necessary to give him the hook-up, I'd rather see him with someone with the star quality of Sarah Wynter, who played Jack's love interest on Day Two. That, or they should pull something completely out of left field, like matching him up with weird little Chloe (played by Mary Lynn Rajskub), who appears to be the sole survivor of the old crew at CTU (though I understand that Reiko Aylesworth will pop up again as Michelle Dessler later in the season). A Jack-Chloe affair would rock. (Nerd girls can be wicked cute.)

I am, however, disappointed that the show will air on Monday nights this year. That being chorus night, I'll have to rely on the girls to tape it every week.

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