Friday, January 07, 2005

The Man and Woman of Bronze

Speaking of Doc Savageand I was — check out this incredible artwork featuring Doc and his cousin and fellow adventurer Patricia ("Pat," as she's typically addressed in the Doc novels).

This piece was just completed for me this week by a brilliant artist named Darryl Banks, best known for his eight-year run on DC Comics' Green Lantern. Darryl co-created (with writer Ron Marz) the third-generation Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, who made his first appearance in 1994.

Before his GL days, Darryl produced some magnificent art for a Doc Savage miniseries for Millennium Comics in the early '90s. I like Darryl's Doc because, even though he incorporates many of the characteristics of the now-familiar depiction artist James Bama created for the covers of a series of Bantam Books reprints (a depiction that differs a good bit from the way Doc is described in the original novels by pulp author Lester Dent), Darryl manages to make Doc look more human than Bama ever did.

This is a superb example of Darryl's art — the reason he isn't working on a regular series for one of the major comics publishers is a total mystery to me — and I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail sometime soon.

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