Friday, January 07, 2005

I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Lex Luthor

Looks as though Bryan Singer — director of the upcoming Superman Returns, starring former soap opera pretty boy Brandon Routh — has found his villain, and it's an old friend: Kevin Spacey, who turned in an Oscar-winning performance in the movie that made Singer a hot Hollywood commodity, The Usual Suspects.

I can see that. Spacey will make a perfect Luthor, which, along with Singer's capable guiding hand, gives me some confidence that the film won't stink on ice. I've never been a big backer of the Man of Steel — I've never really forgiven him for ripping off one of my heroes, Doc Savage, every way from Sunday, including stealing his name (Superman's secret identity is Clark Kent; Doc's real first name is also Clark), his nickname (five years before Superman's debut, Doc made his first appearance in the adventure The Man of Bronze), and even his hideout (how coincidental is it that two heroes both have retreats called the Fortress of Solitude, located in the Arctic wilderness? Doc had his years earlier) — but the success of any superhero film increases the likelihood that others will get made.

I keep hoping for Iron Man. With or without Tom Cruise.

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