Sunday, November 14, 2004

Ahnold the Prezinator?

So Conan the Governor wants to be President now.

(You don't really believe the folks pitching this effort to amend the U.S. Constitution to make foreign-born naturalized citizens eligible for the nation's highest office are acting without Big Arnie's imprimatur, do you? And if you do belive that, I'd like to sell you Jack Kirby's original cover art from Fantastic Four #1, cheap. You'll just have to wait for the ink to dry before I mail it to you.)

I don't have a philosophical difficulty with permitting naturalized citizens to run for the Presidency. Yeah, I get this whole Manchurian Candidate scenario dashing about in my cranium, but I realize that's pretty far-fetched. What does set my teeth on edge ever so slightly, though, is the notion that we ought to change the foundation document of our society for the benefit of one guy. Even if that one guy is the Terminator. ("Vote for my amendment if you want to live!")

If there were hundreds — even dozens — of eminently qualified foreign-born Americans clamoring for their shot at the brass ring (or the White House, take your pick), that would be a different story. But there aren't. Aside from Mr. Maria Shriver, can you name even one?

I'm waiting.

No, you can't.

Not even the people running the "Amend for Arnold and Jen" Web site can. I had to do considerable surfing on my own to find out that the "Jen" of the site header is Jennifer Granholm, the Democratic Governor of Michigan. Governor Granholm was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. But I didn't learn that from the "Amend for Arnold and Jen" site, because the people running it didn't even think Governor Granholm was important enough to be mentioned by full name and title anywhere on their site. That alone should tell you that the idea that this effort is anything but a Schwarzenegger shell company is simply a canard — a word with which I'm sure Michigander Granholm is quite familiar.

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