Saturday, October 30, 2004

Art day, Silver Age style

Today these two attractive drawings arrived from artist Mark Spears. I already own another piece by Mark, depicting a fistfight between Captain America and Batman.

Mark's character interpretations show a beautiful, classic sensibility — his Cap could step right into a Marvel comic from the '70s and not look out of place, and his Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman come straight out of those cheesy but fun SuperFriends cartoons we all grew up with. Best of all, Mark advertised the Cap drawing as 9" x 12", but when I opened the package I was stunned to see that it's an even bigger 11" x 14" — in person, Cap just pops off the page.

A couple of pieces are still missing from my Captain America gallery. I'd like to have a two-shot of Cap and the Falcon, his partner from the '70s. (There was a gorgeous action scene featuring Cap and the Falcon up for auction on eBay earlier this week, but the bidding escalated out of my price range.) I'd also like to have something with both Cap and the U.S. Agent, the Cap wannabe and lookalike who appeared when Steve Rogers took a forced hiatus from being Captain America in the late '80s. The U.S. Agent went on to become a key member of the short-lived West Coast Avengers (aka Force Works). I'll probably end up commissioning these two pieces.

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