Thursday, October 28, 2004

It's a Walt world after all

According to this CNN/Money article, the Disneyland folks are making an effort (just in time for the Magic Kingdom's 50th anniversary next year) to get the park back on the right track after a decade or so of foundering.

So far I'm not all that impressed with the specific adjustments — the teacup ride is lame at any speed, and who really cares if the Jungle Cruise guide does or doesn't shoot blanks at the hippo? — but it sounds as though the hearts of the people running the Happiest Place on Earth are back in the right place.

Disneyland should be the most spectacular place current technology can create, with all the accoutrements to match. In recent years, though, Mickey's joint has been looking rather sad, thanks largely to the nickel-clutching ways of The Powers That Be at Disney HQ. Good to hear things may be on the upswing by the time I make my next foray to the Magic Kingdom.

I still miss the microscope ride, though. (Incidentally, if you long for the days of Disneyland past, check out Werner Weiss's delightful Yesterland site.)

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