Thursday, October 28, 2004

Plan 9 From Planet X

Movie buffs who only know infamous director Edward D. Wood, Jr. from his epic Plan 9 from Outer Space might — or might not — be surprised to know that the man often called cinema's most inept practitioner resorted to making films "for more mature audiences" (to swipe a line from A Mighty Wind) in his declining days. (Actually, Wood's entire filmmaking career represents one long, inexorable decline into madness. But I digress.)

Wood's last gasp, the porn extravaganza Necromania, is about to be released on DVD. Now, I'm certainly not advocating anyone rushing online to buy a porn video — even one as fraught with unintentional hilarity as one directed by Wood must surely be. This is, however, a friendly reminder that Tim Burton's 1994 biopic Ed Wood — starring Johnny Depp in the eponymous role, with brilliant supporting turns by Martin Landau and Bill Murray — was also recently released on DVD, and is a real hoot. If you've never seen it, Joe Bob...err...SwanShadow says check it out.

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