Thursday, September 27, 2007

By the time I get to Phoenix

My chorus, Voices in Harmony — northern California's premier men's a cappella chorus, as it says on all the merchandise — is heading off to Phoenix this weekend for our District contest. We're debuting a new ballad ("Diane," popularized in 1964 by the Irish trio The Bachelors) in our contest set, so it'll be a fun trip.

I've never been to Phoenix before. My previous excursions into the Grand Canyon State have been limited to the Interstate 40 corridor, which we used to call Route 66 back in the day. Not being a fan of extremely warm weather, I am less than encouraged to know that the original Navajo name of the city now called Phoenix was Hoozdo, which translates to "The Place Is Hot." I'm told that it's a dry heat, though I find that small comfort. Supposedly, it's a trifle more temperate by this time of year. I can only hope.

Fret not, true believers: I will post this week's Comic Art Friday before I venture off.

And, if you're a denizen of the Arizona capital — or simply familiar with the place — I'm open to recommendations for good, inexpensive restaurants in downtown Phoenix.

If I run into Glen Campbell, I'll say hello for you.

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