Monday, December 18, 2006

An elephant in my coffee mug

I'm not easily impressed, but today I'm making an exception.

A favored client, knowing my passion for all things caffeinated, recently gifted me with a selection of fine coffees. This morning I brewed my first-ever pot of Starbucks Kenya, and I have to say...

...this is some darned fine coffee.

The flavor is rich, but not dense. The aroma is redolent with tropical fruit, featuring notes reminiscent of pineapple, black cherry, and Concord grape. Each swallow finishes with an unexpected citrus tang. Although the packaging describes the product as "bold," it's much more rounded and mellow than that word might lead one to expect.

I can imagine this coffee making a wonderful accompaniment to a fruit cobbler or pastry. Appropriately, I'm drinking it from my Harry & David mug.

Harry, David, and I are all very pleased.


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