Thursday, July 06, 2006

Four parts, no waiting

Congratulations to the ten quartets — in a field of 47 incredibly talented ensembles — who today qualified for the finals of the Barbershop Harmony Society's International Quartet Contest in Indianapolis.

Here's the order in which the Top Ten will perform in Saturday night's showdown:
  1. Storm Front, Denver, Colorado
  2. Vocal Spectrum, St. Charles, Missouri
  3. Saturday Evening Post, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  4. State Line Grocery, Atlanta, Georgia
  5. Flipside, Salem, Oregon
  6. Max Q, Dallas, Texas
  7. Metropolis, Los Angeles, California
  8. Wheelhouse, Wilmington, Delaware
  9. OC Times, Orange County, California
  10. MatriX, Columbus, Ohio
Anyone still laboring under the misconception that barbershop music is nothing more than four old white guys caterwauling in straw hats and candy-striped vests should check out the Webcast of Saturday night's competition. So should everyone else, for that matter, who enjoys tight, soaring a cappella harmonies. It's going to be spectacular.


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