Friday, February 24, 2006

The name is Barda. Big Barda.

After last Friday's boffo photo essay about WonderCon 2006, my creative well is running a trifle dry this Comic Art Friday. So I have just one new image to present today.

Speaking of the Winter Olympics — and we were — if I needed a female athlete on my Olympic squad, summer or winter, an excellent choice would be Barda Free, aka Big Barda, the powerfully physical bride of the original Mister Miracle, Scott Free.

Because when you're taking on the Russians and the Germans, a hypersteroidal woman wearing scale-mail armor and packing a Mega-rod is a good person to have on your team.

Comics über-creator Jack Kirby wasn't known for his outstanding depictions of female characters, but when he introduced Big Barda as a key player in his Fourth World saga in the early 1970s, the King made up for such watered-down superwomen as the Wasp and the Invisible Girl. Barda kicked butt, took names, and gave no quarter. She was one of the first superheroines who could not only go mano a mano with galaxy-class tough guys, but relished the opportunity.

Modern-day stylish Michael McDaniel does the Female Fury proud in the above portrait.

And that — short and sweet, like an Olympic figure skater — is your Comic Art Friday. Now go watch some curling or something.


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