Thursday, February 23, 2006

In the News: Veteran anchorman retires

If you were a kid during the 1970s, you remember In the News, the series of current events features that appeared on CBS in between your favorite Saturday morning cartoons. If you're a commuter in most urban areas of the country, you may well spend a few moments of every day listening to the hourly CBS World News Round-Up on your local CBS Radio affiliate (here in the Bay Area, it's -- no surprise -- KCBS 740).

The golden voice behind both of those essential elements of broadcasting history retired today: News anchor Christopher Glenn, who is laying down his microphone after 35 years at CBS, and more than a half-century in broadcast journalism.

I still recall with great fondness those In the News segments he presented during my youth. These days, every weekday morning when my alarm clock goes off, the first human voice I hear is Christopher Glenn's. It was quite touching to hear him choke up a little bit this morning as he signed off the Round-Up for the final time.

Over these past many years, I learned a lot about the world, and what was happening in it, from Christopher Glenn. I'll miss him.

Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Glenn. You've earned it.

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