Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Let me call you Sweetheart

For the third consecutive Valentine's Day, the quartet and I delivered Singing Valentines in support of the local barbershop chorus. Red roses and greeting cards were dispensed. Smiles were generated. Tears were shed. Hugs were exchanged. Warm fuzzies and affirmation of the joys of romance and friendship remain.

Today's itinerary took our intrepid foursome to:
  • A veterinary hospital, where we serenaded the receptionist, and the doctor took time out from aiding animals in distress to take our photograph with the lucky lass.

  • The county administrative offices, where the grateful recipient threw open the doors so that her coworkers could hear and share the magic.

  • A luncheon for the local Rotary Club chapter, where we held the roomful of sated Rotarians and their spouses spellbound for half an hour, and even taught everyone present a few lines of barbershop harmony.

  • A local restaurant, where we reduced a lovely grandmother to a puddle of mush, and made her love it.

  • A physician's office, where we reduced a young bride to blushing embarrassment on behalf of her loving hubby.
When four average shlubs like us can bring that much joy to people just by warbling a couple of venerable and syrupy love ballads, it almost gives one hope for the future of man- and womankind. Music may be a cheap gift, but its power is undeniable.

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Blogger Janet offered these pearls of wisdom...

A good, old fashioned barbershop quartet? How cool! You hardly ever hear about them anymore.

3:19 PM  
Blogger SwanShadow offered these pearls of wisdom...

Good? Well, we're pretty decent for a local quartet. In our area, we're the best barbershop quartet for miles around. But we're not international caliber or anything like that.

Old-fashioned? You might be surprised. We don't wear candy-striped vests, straw hats, or arm garters. Our quartet uniform is baby blue jackets and fun ties -- we have a set with the Blue M&M playing saxophone on them, and another patterned with Van Gogh's "Starry Night." Our repertoire is mostly classic pop standards: Hoagy Carmichael ("Georgia On My Mind", Fats Waller ("Ain't Misbehavin'"), Irving Berlin ("Always"), and Nat "King" Cole ("Walkin' My Baby Back Home"). And for fans of The Music Man, we do one heck of a "Lida Rose."

11:10 PM  

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